Association Overview

The Building Contractors Association, Inc. (“BCA”) is Metropolitan New York’s leading membership association of unionized construction contractors. Since its formation in 1933, the BCA has represented and promoted the general welfare and interests of its construction industry employer members. Among its stated purposes, the BCA has historically provided the unified contractor voice needed to address and enter equitable long term labor-management relationships.

The members of the BCA represent the finest of New York’s builders. One quarter of the Metropolitan areas largest construction firms are BCA members. Some are multi-generational family owned businesses, one reaching back over 125 years. Others represent the new growth of minority and women owned construction firms. Their projects line the streets and skyline of the City of New York. They have employed generations of unionized construction workers providing solid, well-paying jobs to thousands of New Yorkers. They represent the proud tradition of New York’s quintessential construction industry.

Studies show that New York City’s construction industry generates approximately $66.3 billion in total spending with expectations that that number could reach $127.5 billion by the end of 2018. New York City’s construction industry is an economic machine.
BCA members are actively interested in promoting and protecting the varied interests and issues related to New York’s building and construction industry. The BCA is committed to the strength of the City of New York.

What we believe:

  • Continued commercial and residential development is critical to maintaining the City of New York as the world’s greatest city
  • City and State support for public works projects is essential
  • Stable labor-management relationships are essential to the well-being of the construction industry
  • Construction industry is fully committed to safety first
  • Developers, contractors and labor must work together to address high costs of construction work
  • Opportunity is the gateway to success