Industry Advancement Program

Section 1. Industry Advancement Program

The Association shall sponsor and conduct an Industry Advancement Program to be financed by contributions made by members of the Association and other contractors pursuant to the provisions of collective bargaining agreements negotiated from time to time with various labor unions.

Section 7. Purposes

The monies contributed to this Program shall be used and expended for the following purposes and objectives only:

  • to establish and conduct an educational program for the general public, employers, employees and others pertaining to new techniques, programs, ideas and methods which will improve the Construction Industry, hereinafter referred to as the “Industry”, and make it possible for the Industry to be of greater service to the public,
  • to engage in such public relations and promotional programs as are necessary or desirable to develop and increase consumer demand and increase business activity in the Industry,
  • to protect existing standards within the Industry, to improve such standards whenever necessary or desirable and to keep abreast of new developments in the Industry,
  • to sponsor educational activities and research and development within the Industry,
  • to formulate, institute and finance programs which will promote harmony and stability of relations between and among employers and employees in the Industry including, but not limited to, maintenance of cullective bargaining, maintenance of grievance procedures and labor relations,
  • to coordinate its activities with, and support, the industry-wide activities of the Building Contractors Association, Inc., any other industry association which has labor agreements generating funds for the Program and other industry associations in which contributing companies are members,
  • to sponsor and participate in meetings with employee representatives and labor unions for the purposes of improving labor relations and working conditions, removing causes of disagreement and arranging for the prompt and just disposition of grievances, to pay the cost and expense of cullective bargaining negotiations, grievance meetings and arbitration proceedings, including the compensation of representatives and agents of the Association participating therein and of the Arbitrstor to whom a dispute is submined,
  • to formulate, institute and finance programs including but not limited to, the fullowing: accident prevention and education; research into new methods and materials; public relations; relations with architects, awarding authorities, subcontractors, and material and equipment suppliers; market development; management participation in joint apprenticeship, health and welfare and pension programs; disaster relief and civilian defense and sponsorship and development of any and all programs which may serve to advance the interest of building contractors and the construction industry,
  • to make donations and grants designed to accomplish any of the purposes of this Program,
  • to participate in such other programs and to sponsor and conduct such other activities as the Board of Directors may, from time to time, authorize and approve.

No funds shall be used for the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence anti-labor legislation and/or to subsidize contractors or labor during a period or periods of work stoppage, strikes or lockouts. The Committee shall so conduct the operations of said Program that a tax exempt status shall be established and maintained at all times with respect to the fund and the contributions thereto.