Membership Registration

Applicant expressly agrees that, if approved and accepted for membership, it will abide, be governed by, and conform to the By-Laws of the Association; and that it will, at minimum, adopt the Mason Tenders’ District Council of Greater NY Affiliated Unions’ (Locals 78, 79 & 66) collective bargaining agreements made by the Association and designate the Association as its bargaining representative for these and any other unions with whom the Association has a collective bargaining relationship by completing the Designation of Bargaining Rights Form attached to this application. Applicant further covenants and agrees that, throughout the term of its membership, it shall pay any and all dues, assessments and charges that may be levied or imposed by the provisions of the By-Laws or by vote of the Members or Board of Directors. Further, Applicant agrees that it will be bound by the terms of all Association trade agreements it adopts and/or for which it designates the Association as its collective bargaining representative for the duration of those agreements.